Monday, 18 May 2009

Junkyard Shoot

After a fairly lengthy photographic hiatus (note the complete lack of recent posts), I've started to pick up the camera again. I was out with a group on Saturday shooting in a junkyard. Two things of note:

1) I very easily go into visual overload when there is too much to photograph. On a shoot with so many opportunities for pictures, I tend to focus on just a few locations/objects. This isn't for any deep reason like 'working the image' until I get 'the shot'. It's just I can't absorb any more.

2) I really have to work harder on getting the composition right. I'm cropping way too many images that I should have taken more care with and gotten it right in camera. And I see the composition I want the minute I open the image on the computer; I'm just not seeing it in the field. Not a big deal I suppose, but a hold over from shooting slides. Having to crop all the time also makes me feel like I'm being lazy when I'm shooting, like I'm not trying hard enough to see what I need to see.

Anyway, here's a few of the images I made on Saturday.

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