Friday, 23 May 2008

Ted Grant

There was an interesting interview with Ted Grant on CBC Radio a few days ago. Ted is a well respected Canadian Photojournalist who has been shooting the news for nearly 50 years. He had some interesting insights and stories to tell from a uniquely Canadian point of view. I was familiar with some of his work (particularly the picture of then Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau sliding down the banister, and of Ben Johnson crossing the finish line at the Seoul Olympics) but didn't really connect the images to the person.

It's an interesting interview and well worth taking 20 minutes to have a listen. I particularly liked his comment that real photographers work in black and white, eat sushi and drink single malt Scotch. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad ...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Spring Fever

It never fails that the first thing I want to do when winter draws to a close and spring begins is to photograph something green and growing. I suppose that’s related to the fact that for the last few months of winter I can’t seem to build up interest enough to photograph much of anything. Or do much of anything; SAD and all that jazz. I hadn’t really been aware of this photographic pattern until this ‘spring flora season’ rolled around and it came to me while looking through some older images from springs gone by.

That’s not to say I don’t ever point the camera at a flower at other times of the year; it’s just more of a ‘need’ in the spring. This year it’s particularly noticeable living in a new place and in a rural area because there are all the new things to see and photograph. And playing the ‘guess what perennial the last owners planted in the flower beds’ game. This is the single mystery tulip that appeared next to our front walk a few weeks ago. Still waiting to see what colour it will be.

So be warned; there will be flower pictures for the next little while. I promise no more cats though …